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Blue Force Magazine Blue Force Magazine

The Blue Force club magazine 'Blue Force Heritage' is available exclusively to members.

The member's magazine can only be acquired by joining 'Blue Force - Friends of Fordson – Ford – New Holland & Derivatives' and not through any other outlet. As a member, the magazine will automatically be sent out to you either with your membership pack or every three months.

The magazine cover dates will be March, June, September and December each year. The ‘Heritage’ magazine should arrive with you by the first of the month.

Packed full of useful information that can be referred to time and time again; the 40 page full colour, glossy magazine is definitely one to keep for future reference. Contents include club news, diary dates, letters, member profiles and stories, technical features, technical specifications, member’s sales & wants, and lots more.

Back issues are available up to issue 13, priced at £15 for four, including postage & packing. Please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. A Blue Force Binder to keep your magazines neat and clean is also now available. Please see our shop page for details.

For membership details and further enquiries please contact us

March 2017 Edition

Blue Force Magazine

The March issue of Blue Force Heritage magazine will be landing on your door mat any day. Enclosed you will find a membership renewal form and the sharp eyed among you will no doubt spot the slight error in the Post Code and probably work out that the correct code is LE7 4UZ.

Among the highlights in this edition are part one of A Century of Tractors, a piece on Fordson’s Model F and a fascinating article on the Evolution of Tractor Design and Use.

On page 26 is an all-important update on the forthcoming Coastline Tractor Challenge with a list of all the night stops. If you live near the coast please come and cheer Philip and Peter on as they pass by and make a donation to the two very worthy causes they are fundraising for.

Also in this magazine is a useful guide to buying a vintage Fordson and an item on the launch of our book ‘100 years of Fordson, Ford and New Holland Tractors 1917-2017'.